Tarquinia: archeological sites

Following the Via Cassia towards Viterbo then turning at Vetralla towards Monteromano you run across the medieval city of Tarquinia. In 2004 it was included along with Cerveteri (another extraordinary Etruscan city close by) as one of the 44 Italian sites listed in the Unesco World Heritage Sites for its extraordinary Etruscan Necropolis. Unesco claims: “Tarquinia and Cerveteri are examples of the creative genius of man: the large-scale murals in Tarquinia are exceptional both for their formal qualities and for their content revealing aspects of daily life, of death and the religious beliefs of the ancient Etruscans “.

The two Necropolises are a unique and exceptional proof of ancient Etruscan civilization, the only type of urban civilization in pre-Roman Italy.The National Archeological Museum houses an important collection of Etruscan artifacts where you can admire the Winged Horses that used to decorate the Temple of Ara della Regina as well as other interesting artworks.