Olivaia is a monocultivar farm certified both organic and Tuscia DOP. It stretches over the hills of Tuscia, between the Roman amphitheatre of Sutri and the ancient Via Francigena and surrounded by four volcanic lakes. This area offers optimum soil and climatic conditions for the growth of the olive tree. The olive grove, covering over 18 hectares with its 7,000 olive trees, is organized by fields and by cultivars in order to facilitate the separate picking operations for Leccino, Frantoio, Maurino and autochthonous Caninese and Bolzone cultivars, which ripen in different periods and also to produce different oils of various flavour which depends on the blend. The rose bushes, planted at the beginning of spinning, give color and scents to the fields and signal the different cultivars.

Frantoio Tuscus

Along the ancient Via Cassia, which passes through the land of the Etruscans – between Rome, the “Eternal City”, and Viterbo, the “City of the Popes” – are situated the doors of the Tuscus Artisan Oil Mill, where the olives are transformed into extra virgin olive oil. The olive processing takes place in a large, modern environment. At first the olives are weighted and washed then they are pressed by a continuous-cycle system featuring the most advanced technology and an electronic temperature control system in every different phase of pressing; such systems guarantee a true cold-pressing process. Frantoio Tuscus is a craftsman mill where we produce extra virgin olive oils thanks to the local rich diversity of the varieties of autochthonous olives and we create, with the art of blending, excellent oils for the sake of the world’s consumers.