Vitorchiano and the Mountan Botanical Center

This garden boasts the richest and most complete collection of Chinese shrub and herbaceous peonies in the world. It is located in the district of Vitorchiano, along the Viterbo-Orte highway. It is a corner of China in the heart of the Lazio countryside: within its 15 hectares you can find more than 150,000 peonies plants of 600 different varieties belonging to almost every known botanical species and to most cultivated natural hybrids. During flowering, from early April to late May, the center offers a unique show of charm and beauty: thousands of blooms of diverse shapes reveal a chromatic range spanning from absolute white to deep purple-black, passing through the most delicate and unusual shades of pink. The welcoming cafe-restaurant offers a pleasant break during the journey through the heady colours of the peonies.